Tales from the Apocalypse / Day 1, 1:27 pm at diner
The Biker 1/16scale Zombie Plastic Model Kit



Price US$24.99 


The Biker was driving on the freeway when the outbreak started and the dead began walking the streets.
Losing control of his bike, he veered into the opposite lane of traffic and crashed into a car, shattering his skull and neck upon impact. His body went reeling across the pavement, rolling end over end, a large truck ran over his legs severing them below the knees as a final goodbye!
Severed legs are included. Also possible to stand him with legs.The package box is VHS video case size. Fun to collect!

●Price: US$24.99 ●Plastic Model Kit ●23pieces all ●Material: PS ●Size: 1/16 scale (68 mm without legs / 92 mm tall with legs)
●Release: December 2016 ●Sculpt: Shojiro Kasai / THUNDERROAD STYLE ●Paint Sample: Kenji Ando ※Painting required

【Series Concept】 Tales from the Apocalypse
【Story】 Day 1, 1:27 pm at diner
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