PAUL KOMODA'S CTHULHU, Prepainted Statue (Non Scale)



Price US$259.00   


From the genius mind of author H.P.
Lovecraft and visionary artist Paul Komoda comes the ancient deity “Cthulhu” available for the first time as a high quality prepainted statue.
This original vision of Cthulhu pushes the design to new and exciting heights.
Every detail is expertly captured, from the suckers on the tentacles to the sinewy texture of the massive wings this is sure to please the most demanding collector.
The paint work is done by another talented artist, David Dill, and enhancing this splendid statue.
You can finally add this unique and powerful vision of the malevolent entity Cthulhu to your collection!

●Price: US$259.00 ●Prepainted statue ●Material: Polystone ●Size: Approximately 170 mm (Non scale)
●Release: March 2017 ●Sculpt: Paul Komoda ●Paint: David Dill

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