Naruto Uzumaki    Naruto Shippuden


NARUTO from "NARUTO SHIPPUDEN" is recreated as a high quality 1/6-statue.
By interchanging the heads, arms and toes, he poses in various ways such as fist bump with a friendly look, attack mode with forming hand seals and holding a kunai, Nine Tails Naruto, and more.
All his facial expressions have been carefully sculpted to show the emotion of a grown-up ninja, grinning, stern and rage.
The statue features a detailed costume capturing every wrinkle and texture, an indicator of the craftsmanship of this masterpiece.

●Price: US$150.00 ●Prepainted statue ●Material: ABS/PVC ●Size: 270mm high (1/6 scale)
●Release: November 2014 ●Sculpt: Shin Tanabe/JINTO ●Paint: Shin Tanabe/JINTO

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