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2021.04.23  Dead by Daylight Pins Collection Vol.3 Now on sale!
2020.12.23  Notification of postponed release schedule due to COVID-19
2020.07.14  Silent Hill 3/ Robbie the Rabbit Mini & Stretcher Pre-order Now!
2020.05.08  SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE, Wolf 1/6 Scale Statue --- Now on Pre-order!
2020.03.31  Dead by Daylight, The Hillbilly 1/6 Scale Statue Pre-order available now.
2020.03.13  Armored Zombie "Motoyoshi Kagemura" resin model kit, Available Now!
2020.02.19  Wonder Festival 2020 Winter, Displayed Items Review
2020.02.07  Wonder Festival 2020 Winter Display Items
2020.01.17  Dead by Daylight, The Wraith Statue --- Shipped out from factory.
2020.01.10  Dinomation Vol.2 "Spinosaurus Statue" Pre-order now!
2019.12.25  DbD, The Wraith Statue Sharing photos of factory paint sample
2019.12.25  Tapestry 3 kinds, Pre-order Available Now!
2019.12.19  Metal Gear Survive, Wanderer Statue Product Review
2019.12.16  The Great Race of Yith, Pre-painted Statue Product Review
2019.12.11  Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust are available to be shipped!
2019.09.19  Dead by Daylight, Hillbilly & Totem --- Painted prototypes unveiled!
2019.09.12  DARK SOULS 3 Bonfire Light-up Statue, Unboxing Video
2019.09.11  New Series "Dinomation" --- The detailed info has just got released.
2019.08.30  Metal Gear Solid, Cyborg Ninja Resin Mode Kit --- Available Now!
2019.07.09  Dead by Daylight 1/6 Scale Premium Statue Series will be unveiled at SDCC 2019!
2019.07.06  GANTZ:O Reika 1/6 Scale Statue --- Product Review
2019.06.30  DARK SOULS, Black Knight 1/6 Scale Statue --- Eyes lighted up
2019.06.25  Nyarlathotep Pre-painted Statue --- Video Review
2019.06.23  Nightcry, Scissorwalker Statue --- Product Review
2019.06.11  Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust Series --- Now on Preorder!
2019.06.09  Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust  Unveiled at Shanghai WF 2019
2019.06.04  MGSV: TPP Venom Snake PLAY DEMO Ver. Unbox review!
2019.05.29  DARK SOULS, Crystal Lizard 1/6 Scale Light-up Statue, SDCC 2019 Exclusive
2019.05.23  Cthulhu Mythos "Nightgaunt" Resin Model Kit, Available Now!
2019.05.09  "Great Race of Yith" Prepainted Statue, Pre-order is available now.
2019.05.06  DARK SOULS, Kurokishi (Black Knight) 1/6 Scale Statue at Thailand Toy Expo 2019
2019.05.06  Gecco created a Twitter account
2019.04.05  Naruto Shippuden 1/6 Scale Bust Statue, Prototype Unveiled
2019.04.04  Metal Gear Survive, Wanderer, 1/6 Scale Statue --- Pre-order available now.
2019.03.28  Dead by Daylight, The Wraith 1/6 Scale State on display at PAX East 2019
2019.03.28  Gecco new statue series start!
2019.03.28  Website in Chinese open now! Look forward to the update!
2019.01.25  Cyborg Ninja statue, Launch schedule changed
2019.01.24  DARK SOULSⅢ, Bonfire 1/6 Scale Light-up Statue -- On Preorder Now!
2019.01.17  GANTZ:O Hard Suit/Hachiro Oka 1/6 Scale Statue Pre-order available now!
2018.12.26  DARK SOULS, 黒騎士 (Kurokishi) 1/6 Scale Statue Check the turn-around video!
2018.12.20  DARK SOULS, 黒騎士 (Kurokishi) 1/6 Scale Statue Now on Pre-order!
2018.11.26  GANTZ:O, Reika 1/6 Scale Statue --- Preorder available now!
2018.10.02  Paul Komoda's Cthulhu "Great Race of Yith" Resin Model Kit, Now on Sale!
2018.09.25  NightCry, Scissorwalker 1/6 Scale Statue Pre-order available now!
2018.09.21  Metal Gear Solid V: TPP, Venom Snake PLAY DEMO Ver. Pre-order available now!
2018.08.31  Metal Gear Solid, Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Statue --- Preorder available now!
2018.08.07  Nyarlathotep from Cthulhu Mythos, Prepainted Statue P re-order available now!
2018.07.14  San Diego Comic Con 2018, Exclusive Value Set
2018.07.13  Bloodborne The Old Hunters, Hunter 1/6 Scale Statue Unboxing video review
2018.06.28  Bloodborne Hunter's Arsenal, Weapon Collection 2nd Series, Pre-order available now
2018.06.16  Bloodborne The Old Hunters, Hunter 1/6 Scale Statue --- Ship soon!
2018.04.26  "Alien: Covenant" Art Tapestry, Pre-order available now!
2018.03.02  Paul Komoda's Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep Resin Model Kit, Preorder Now
2018.01.24  Bloodborne The Old Hunters "Hunter 1/6 Scale Statue" Pre-order Available Now!
2018.01.24  Bloodborne "Hunter's Arsenal, Saw Cleaver & Hunter Blunderbuss 1/6 Scale Weapon" Pre-order Available Now!
2018.01.19  DARK SOULS "Knight of Astora, Oscar 1/6 Scale Statue" Unbox video
2017.11.27  DARK SOULS III Summon Sign Mat, Pre-order Available Now!
2017.11.27  AMON -Crimson Devil- 1/6 Scale Statue, Product information
2017.11.25  DEVILMAN crybaby statue, Prototype Unveiled
2017.10.19  DARK SOULS "Knight of Astora, Oscar" 1/6 Scale Statue, Showing the factory test sample
2017.09.25  ULTRAMAN Pre-painted Model Kit, video available
2017.09.25  ULTRAMAN Pre-painted Model Kit - Product Information
2017.08.26  DARK SOULS "Knigt of Astora, Oscar" 1/6 Scale Statue: Turn-around movie
2017.08.25  DARK SOULS "Knigt of Astora, Oscar" 1/6 Scale Statue: Pre-order start today!
2017.07.18  DARK SOULS "Siegmeyer of Catarina" 1/6 scale statue, product review movie
2017.07.17  DARK SOULS/Night of Astra, Oscar 1/6 Scale Statue on display at SDCC
2017.07.13  New ULTRAMAN statue unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2017
2017.07.11  Bloodborne/Doll 1/6 Scale Statue, Turn around movie
2017.07.08  AMON 1/6 Scale Statue, Production report.
2017.07.06  DARK SOULS/ Siegmeyer of Catarina 1/6 Scale Statue, Production report
2017.07.04  Bloodborne/Omen Tapestry Preorder available now!
2017.07.04  Bloodborne "Doll" 1/6 Scale Statue - Preorder Available Now!
2017.07.04  DARK SOULS III "Souls of Cinder" 1/6 Scale Statue - Unboxing Review
2017.06.07  DARK SOULS, Siegmeyer of Catarina 1/6 Scale Statue <SDCC 2017 Exclusive> Preorder available now!
2017.04.28  Souls of Cinder statue, Launch schedule changed
2017.04.17  "Tales from the Apocalypse" Diorama Collection, Now on Sale!
2017.04.03  "Baby Cthulhu Resin Model Kit by HEADLONG, Now on sale!
2017.03.16  "Souls of Cinder" Polystone Statue; Factory sample review
2017.03.10  Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman, "AMON 1/6 Scale Statue," Preorder available!
2017.01.05  Limited Quantity! MGSV:TPP QUIET 1/6 Scale Statue Resin Model Kit,Now on Sale!
2016.12.26  DARK SOULS 3 "Souls of Cinder" 1/6 Scale Statue, Pre-order available!
2016.12.17  Souls of Cinder 1/6 Scale Statue, photo report from TOYSOUL
2016.12.13  Souls of Cinder 1/6 Scale Statue unveiled at TOYSOUL Hong Kong
2016.12.06  Tales from the Apocalypse, variety of paint work!
2016.11.25  Hunter's Arsenal, 1st injection sample from factory
2016.11.15  Tales from the Apocalypse ~Day 1, 1:27 pm at diner~ Package box art
2016.10.25 Bloodborne Hunter's Arsenal, Pre-order Now!
2016.09.30  Tales from the Apocalypse Vol.2, Product Information UP!
2016.09.30  Paul Komoda's Cthulhu Prepainted Statue, Order Now!
2016.08.23  "Venom Snake 1/6 Scale Statue, 1st factory sample
2016.08.08  "The Puppy DD" free gift campaign,application deadline extended to Feb.28th,2017.
2016.07.12  Metal Gear Solid V: TPP, "The Puppy DD" free gift campaign. Updated.
2016.07.07  THE ART OF DOMINIC QWEK / HARBINGER, Shipping available now!
2016.07.02  Kakashi 1/6 Scale Statue: The paint master by Katsushige Akeyama
2016.06.05  HEADLONG Resin Model Kit, available at Gecco Direct!!
2016.06.03  Paul Komoda's Cthulhu Resin Model Kit, available now!!
2016.05.28  ULTRAMAN 1/6 Scale Statue, Product Review
2016.05.15  The Art of Dominic Qwek ”RAKSHASA" painted by Norifumi Dohi/FRANKEN
2016.05.13  The Art of Dominic Qwek "ALIEN SCULLS" Resin Model Kits. Shipping Now!!
2016.05.12  The Art of Dominic Qwek, Resin Model Kit "CLYDE" Available Now!! 10 pcs limited.
2016.04.20 "Tales from the Apocalypse" Package Art Concept
2016.04.19 Zombie Model Kit, Monsterpalooza 2016 Exclusive Pre-Sale
2016.04.15 Gecco join Monsterpalooza 2016, Booth No.349
2016.04.11 MGSV: TPP "The Puppy DD" free gift campaign
2016.03.25 Zombie Model Kit "Tales from the Apocalypse" Product Information
2016.03.10 DARK SOULS Ⅲ, Figure Project Kicked off!
2016.03.03 "MGSV: TPP, QUIET 1/6 Scale Statue" product information
2016.02.25 New project, coming soon!!
2015.12.08 ULTRAMAN 1/6 Scale Statue, Pre-order starts on January 6th, 2016!!
2015.12.08 Berserker model kit, paint work by Yoshinori Yatake/ACCEL
2015.12.03 Robbie the Rabbit appears in green costume!!
2015.11.25 Zodd painted by Yoshinori Yatake/ACCEL
2015.11.16 Bloodborne Arms Collection (tentative title) project start!!
2015.11.06 "The Art of Dominic Qwek" Garage Kits Debut from Gecco!!
2015.11.06 MGSVGZ "SNAKE" 1/6 Scale Garage Kit, ORDER NOW!!
2015.10.23 BERSERK 1/8 Scale Resin Model Kit, Pre-order Start!!
2015.10.16 Naruto 1/6 Scale Statue is available at Gecco Direct.
2015.09.25 GUTS 1/6 Scale Statue <Product Condition> click here!!
2015.07.31 Bloodborne "Hunter Puddle of Blood Ver," Product Information
2015.07.31 Bloodborne "Hunter" Product Information
2015.07.03 Bloodborne "Hunter" Statue unveiled at SDCC 2015, booth No. 5146!!
2015.05.25 SDCC 2015 Exclusive RAIDEN Pre-order available!!
2015.05.11 San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusive, RAIDEN White Armor Ver. Revealed!!
2015.03.23 The product information of Guts updated!!
2015.03.12 Bloodborne "Hunter" 1/6 Scale Statue Revealed!!
2015.01.03 Gecco English pages are open.
2014.10.25 SNAKE 1/6 PVC Statue Product Information   click here!!
2014.09.19 New Figure Project ~Bloodborne~
2014.08.29 How Naruto stands up well to heat?
2014.08.26 Process for Sculpting ~Kakashi Hatake 1/6 statue~
2014.08.22 →Gecco Facebook page
2014.08.19 Kakashi Hatake 1/6 PVC statue
2014.05.01 Naruto 1/6 Statue Comic-Con Exclusive Revealed!

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